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But I'm a villain and villain's don't get happy endings -Rumplestiltskin -

I'd risk my life for two things. Love and revenge -Hook-

Tell me a story, and mind you begin with ‘once upon a time’. A story which does not begin with ‘once upon a time’ can’t possibly be a good story. It’s most important…


And we talked about things we probably shouldn’t even have talked about…


30 Days of Once Upon a Time:  Day 3-  Favourite Flirtationship

Wooden Swan

-A watering hole..literally?

-Well, say what you want about me, I always tell the truth.


Infinite list of flawless female charactersRed Ridding Hood/Ruby Lucas

My mother wanted me to choose between being a wolf, and being a human. Granny did too. You were the only person who ever thought it was okay for me to be both.


Favorite CS Scenes [15/?]

Swan.  At last.

make me choose: anonymous asked me hook’s sass or enzo’s sass?

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